Wrapping up my J-term Internship

My j-term this year was irreplaceable. Through my experience shadowing and working at HAWC Partnerships for Children I was able to learn and grow so much. An internship, even a short one-month internship, is invaluable.

Over my month at HAWC I went on around 16 home visits with Family Educators, attended important organizational meetings, created an informative brochure on child neglect, distributed a satisfaction survey and helped out with everyday tasks around the office.  I did so much in such a short period of time and I learned so much through it!

Internships also have a vital role in focusing in on what it is that you would really like to do as a career. It works out that after an internship you know whether a position like the one you were filling as an intern is of interest to you or not. You also know what aspects of that position are most important to you and which you would rather live without. It’s so easy to dismiss an internship that you discover is not your dream job as wasted time, but this kind of thinking forgets the fact that you would not have discovered this had you never had your internship experiences! Internships just have so much potential for shaping your career path!

I’m definitely going to miss my time at HAWC Partnerships for Children. After a month there, I have discovered that I don’t want to fill this type of position for the rest of my life, but I discovered a lot of things that I enjoy and want to be a part of my future career. I learned so much about HAWC, but I also learned so much about myself in the process. Being a senior, this is so important! My internship is actually helping me deal with the big questions about life after college. I’m so thankful that I had this opportunity!

Cheers ladies and gents :)

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