Weekend Explorations

    I have always been used to the constant, 24/7 schedule of school. Here in DC, though, working a 9-5 internship allows for free weekends. Yes, I am taking a few classes, but the workload is manageable, leaving ample time for exploration. This past weekend a few of my friends and I explored one of the many neighborhoods of DC, DuPont Circle.

    With some Metro construction extending our trip slightly, we made it to the correct Red Line stop. It was chilly over the weekend, but we found refuge in one of the many bookstores in the area, complete with a coffee shop. Perusing books while sipping on a warm latte is pretty darn close to my definition of heaven.

    We did not have a plan in mind, but wandering up and down the streets connected to the circle worked out well. Stopping in multiple boutiques and shops, it was interesting to see the unique design of each building and store. The neighborhood’s eclectic charm mixed with the historical architecture provided a good time for explorers like ourselves. I even took a picture of supposedly "getting lost" in DuPont Circle, it is a legendary thing to do! We finished our day in Chinatown, greatly satisfied by the authentic cuisine.

    On Sunday, I wandered up the hill from my apartment in Rosslyn to a coffee shop that was highly recommended on Yelp! I admittedly brought some homework along and completed some reading as I enjoyed the falling snow with all the other 20-somethings working on their computers. This weekend’s explorations provided a relaxing time to see more of this complex city, not to mention some good coffee!

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