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January 28, 2013

    I suppose now that much of the first weeks’ hullabaloo is over, I should actually write a full post on my main task here in DC - my internship! I have been learning so much at the Kennedy Center and I already feel like I have worked there far longer than a few days.

    I thankfully have gotten through what I call the “puppy dog phase” - that time when you are helpless, still learning the ways of the office and constantly asking for help and new projects. I do not like feeling dependent, even though I was brand new and I was expected to be a “puppy dog” to an extent. Now, I can walk in and immediately start working on a project, a very empowering feeling for only my seventh day in the office.

    My favorite part about my internship is...everything. By everything, I mean that I have my hands in a little bit of everything. I am working on a few video projects to promote upcoming productions. I am doing social media research so as to compose Tweets and Facebook posts; we can’t just Instagram the performers and call it good, you know! I am writing short radio spots for local radio stations. I have learned to compose foldout and express copy for brochures. I process ad approvals in the office and help compose emails sent out to patrons. I assist in interview set-up with musicians and participate in department meetings. My biggest accomplishment might just be learning my way around the convoluted offices of the Kennedy Center though!

    As you can tell, I am kept quite busy, which I wouldn’t have any other way. Today I was supposed to leave an hour early for a required roommate meeting and not only did I not want to, but I felt like I couldn’t because I wanted to finish my work! Here’s hoping this feeling continues in the coming weeks.

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