The game that touched my heart

I am not a basketball player and I cannot play basketball. Fortunately, my freshman cross country teammate recruited me to their team. The last time I played basketball was during the summer holidays and I was one of the worst players.

To be specific, I was recruited to play for the girls’ team. Honestly, at first I was hesitating whether to play for them or not. At the end I thought, “I will never get such an opportunity again so let me just have fun with these friends of mine.” Throughout the game I was laughing and having fun. I even scored 5 points;  a three-pointer and a two. The three-pointer was a fluke but I felt like a boss when I scored and the opponents were intimidated.

The funny part about this game was that I did not recognize that my team was playing with 8 players instead of 5 and the opponents simply laughed and continued playing. Sometimes there would be three ladies defending one player. We would win the possession of the ball at times while the other times they would keep it.

Remembering that game touches my heart because we were all having a great time and were excited throughout the game despite losing. Everybody was just having fun. It was one of the best basketball games I have ever played in my life. The girls’ team would play against the guys who were aggressive, tall, and could dunk. However, this did not scare them. So, playing for the girls’ team was so much fun because we did not care that we were at a physical disadvantage, height. This game changed my whole day because I was having a bad day. It made smile for the rest of the night and reminded me that life is about having fun and laughter. We were a happy team, a team full of smiles and laughter. We might not have won most of our games but our hearts won all the games. I will continue playing for this team because my teammates make me happy.   


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