Interim = Over

It's amazing the difference a week can make. Last week, as I sat writing my blog post, my brain was jumbled with a variety of tasks that needed to be completed. Only eight days later, I am officially done with class! I have turned in my papers, given my presentation, packed up my laundry (sorry, mom) and am ready to return home for a short break before second semester!

While I enjoyed J-term, and thought it was a nice change of pace from a typical semester, I am anxious to get started with second semester. I found it incredibly difficult to sit at the library and know that I needed to stare at this book until I finished the reading for tomorrow. During a regular semester, if a certain class is getting a little draining, I can just switch to work for another class and come back to that homework when it seems less daunting. J-term doesn't exactly offer that luxury.

Next semester, I am taking 17 credits: Paideia, Spanish, Intro to Biblical Studies, Physiology, and a 7-week Fitness and Wellness course.

All students at Luther are required to take "Fit & Well" as well as one physical education elective. Fit & Well is a 7-week course that meets twice a week. On one day, you attend lectures where you learn about how to deal with stress, adjust to college life, eat right, exercise, etc. The other day those skills are applied through various forms of physical activity. When I found out that Luther was offering an alternative Fit & Well course this semester, offered through the Movement (Dance) department, I immediately jumped on board. I am not quite sure what the class has in store, but I am anxious to find out!

Here's to a long weekend! 

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