J term 2.0

As J-term starts its last week I realized how incredibly fast it went by. This year by far has been a more enjoyable J-term. Although I have the same amount of reading, I don’t have to read a 2500 year old philosophical book and write a paper per night. Instead, I get to read books that are about recent history. I am taking an African History course that deals with recent events. So far we have studied the Rwandan genocide, the government of Zimbabwe and we are now starting to talk about the Apartheid in South Africa. Easily the best thing about this course is that my professor is from Zimbabwe. As someone who grew up in the time and area of these conflicts it is awesome to have his input on the stuff we learn. By having a professor with this back ground we are not only able to learn from texts and films but also from his personal experiences. It was most insightful when we were talking about his home country and the current president they have, who has been the president from around 30 years. This J-term I have really branched out academically and I am glad it has been this enjoyable. Who knows maybe I will end up taking more of Africana Studies classes.

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