Week Two - A rocky start

         Today, I’m proud to say that I did something productive in the office! They put me in charge of updating their resource list. I asked the following question about 30 times to various shelter services: “Hi, this is Abby from the Ironbound’s Headstart Program. We are currently updating our resource list, and we were just wondering: Is one required to present a voucher from the welfare department in order to receive emergency housing?” I’m pretty sure those words are now permanently cemented into my mind. I’m gonna have nightmares about them! Haha. Anyways, it wasn’t too hard. It was just a little scary. I felt kind of under a microscope surrounded by a quiet office of 6 other coworkers, and talking on the phone is already uncomfortable for me, but I gradually got used to it. At least I feel like I’ve done something of some importance now! Because before I just kind of felt in the way. It’s funny how one activity to busy you can make you feel more relaxed in a new environment.

         Upon calling all these places, I found that a lot of the lines no longer existed or required welfare vouchres, but my supervisor says this is normal. A lot of organizations lose funding and a forced to end their services. This is why it’s so necessary to update these lists. Only 3 people said yes to my question, meaning that only three of those 30 resources are now usable! That’s all! Boy, does more federal money need to be put toward organizations like these. 

Oh and one last thing. My supervisor and I had a very deep discussion about how we both are interested in traveling to Thailand some day. And saving the elephants. This was a big step for me. Haha. Oh and we’re going for sushi on Friday to “end the week with a bang,” as my supervisor put it.


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