Chilling in My Room

Since I got to Luther College, I have never spent a lot of time in my room.  I hardly spend more than an hour in my room unless I am changing books or I want to nap/sleep. Sometimes I will only come back to my room late at night to sleep and I might not even see or talk to my roommate. My roommate, Matt Ludin-Nelson, is great by the way, we never fight and we are never angry at each other. It is just that some days, I wonder around campus or in the library or chilling with my friends who stay in another building.

However, since J-term began, I have spending a lot of time in my room. My roommate left me his big screen and Xbox and he left to study abroad. In fact most of my cluster mates that I socialize with went to explore the world. Some are visiting different countries in Europe and some are somewhere around the world making Luther College proud. As for me, I’m simple relaxing in my room by watching movies, doing my homework and sleeping. I still see my other friends, but we do not visit each other a lot because it is too cold outside for us and my room is always warm, never below 600F. I like it that way.


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