The Movie Night

On Friday, January 12, 2013, my friends continued to host a movie night in the cluster. This week we had about 3 movie nights and I could not make it to 2 of them. So, as I was on my way back to my room for a light nap before driving to Rochester to pick up a friend, I bumped into almost all the distance track runners in the cluster. The cluster has 5 couches and they were all full. The guys packed themselves nicely into them to accommodate approximately 25 people including those that are hyperactive.

On Friday, I had a paper due, which means I slept only a couple of hours Thursday night; 3hrs to be precise and all thanks go to procrastination. I do not like to drive more than 2hrs if I did not get enough sleep the night before so at around 8, I had planned to take a nap. When I saw all these people in the cluster, I got tempted to watch at least one movie with them. I found myself a seat, made myself comfortable and I do not remember what happened for the next 60 min up until I heard, “Sip your friends are looking for you.” I woke up talked to my friends and started a new movie.

My friend whom I was going to pick in Rochester told me that I will have to pick her up on Saturday because she had missed a flight. As I was fully awake watching enjoying my second movie of the night, I get a message saying, “I will be in Rochester in 45 min.” I was sad that I have to leave before finishing the movie but I was happy to know that my friend will be here. I made a promise to myself that next week that I will watch at least one movie with my friends.


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