Brave the run

Hello All, As I have been braving the cold and running outside to gear up for my marathon in June, I realized that I am very spoiled when it comes to running in Decorah. For starters, I am not used to the whole working an 8-hour day and then working out after. Being a student, I find random times during the day, in between classes and meetings to sneak a work out in, but now that I have been at home working and trying to work out haven’t been going together very well. After being on my feet all day, all I want to do is sleep when I get home rather than go outside and face the chilly temperatures and wind. Another thing that spoils me when running in Decorah is the variety of different trails that are available. I can’t tell you how many times I have ran the same 5-mile loop around my neighborhood this break. The first few times, it is pretty enjoyable because it is a relatively new route, however after doing it for a couple weeks I am getting pretty bored. In Decorah there are so many different trails and routes that you can take that you never get bored. I have to resort to running on busy roads because there are very few trails in my area. Finally, all of my running buddies are in Decorah! While at home I have had to resort to running alone on my runs practically every day. But when I am at Luther I can usually find at least one person that wants to go for a run, even in the winter. You would be surprised at how much of a difference the run goes when you’re running with someone else. The time flies, and you barely feel like you’re running. I’ve had some of the best conversations with my friends during some of my runs. Needless to say, I think I’m missing Decorah a little (or a lot?) and am looking forward to getting back on campus in a few short weeks. My J-term has been uneventful so far (but I knew it was going to be). Until then, it’s time to get outside and run the long 8 miles I have planned for today. Wish me luck!

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