The start of my J-term internship!

My goal for my future career is to contribute something good to the world around me. I’ve always wanted to have a job that doesn’t impact the world in a negative way or completely unaffect the world, but one that does something good. At my internship at HAWC Partnerships for Children, I feel like I will be contributing some good because the programs that I’ll be working with do so much good. HAWC focuses on children, the future, and making sure that the care and education necessary to succeed is started at home. At this internship, I’ll be contributing to HAWC’s worthy goals for a month! I couldn’t be more excited!

Today was my second day interning at HAWC. I’m slowly beginning to better understand what HAWC does, and I’m so excited to learn more! Today I was able to meet more of the people that I’ll be working with and everyone seems so nice! They all seem not just willing, but excited to take me on home visits with them over the next few weeks! My first visit will be on Monday and I’m so excited! I’ve never done anything like this before! I’m sure it’ll be an interesting and eye-opening experience.

Over the last two days at my internship a lot of what I’ve been doing is looking through pamphlets, websites, videos and their curriculum books in order to gain a better understanding of what their jobs entail. It’s been really interesting.  I’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time. I’ve also been able to sit in on some of the meetings happening in the office and have gained some insight through this as well.

The other intern and I have also been assigned a project. We’ll be researching and creating a handout on the early signs of child abuse and/or neglect. I think it’ll be a really interesting topic to cover.

I’m so excited for everything I’ll be learning over the next few weeks! I can tell that it’s going to be a very interesting experience. I’ve never really experienced anything like it before!

Cheers ladies and gents :)

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