Greetings from Home!

Greetings! I realize that I have not updated in awhile, and I apologize. I ended first semester with some hard finals, and by the time that they were done I was exhausted and ready to go home. My winter break has been very relaxing these past few weeks. I have been spending most of my time working, catching up with friends and family, and sleeping. It has been nice to spend time at home and get away from Decorah for a few weeks. Now as January Term begins, I am taking a class that allows me to be at home during this time. I will be doing what is called “directed readings” where I read 5 books of my choice, and I compose journal entries about my readings. It can include things I learned, insights, or just interesting facts that could help me in my future. I ordered 5 books on amazon last week, and hopefully they will get here soon. I am looking forward to reading some of the books that I chose because I think they will help me in my future career. I got the list from one of my professors and he said that they were all very good reads, and that I will learn a ton from them. Thus, since I am at home, and don’t have to be attending class, I get about 4 more weeks of “break” until 2nd semester starts. I am pretty excited for that because all in all I get about a 6-week vacation from actual school. It will be nice refresher going into 2nd semester. Fall semester ended on a good note. After receiving my grades I did very well and maintained a solid GPA considering my class schedule (easily one of the busiest and hardest schedules I’ve had at Luther). I worked hard, put the time in, and got the results that I wanted. It’s nice to know that after months of hard work, the final outcome is exactly what you wanted. Now all I have to do is work hard in the spring, and I will have a diploma in my hand in May! I will continue to update you about what’s going on during my J-term at home, but trust me it won’t be anything too exciting. When I am home I tend to turn into an animal hibernating in the winter, I never leave it, and just soak up as much relaxation time as I can. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season.

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