Christmas Eve With Friends

My Christmas began on the 24th of December 2012. Our wonderful Resident Assistants (RAs) decided to prepare wonderful snacks from 5:30 up until there was no food left. The snacks were a great substitute for dinner as most of my friends were not in the mood of cooking. The RAs provided some cookies, chips, drinks and we had the privilege of making the pizza ourselves.

 After working in Marty’s making pizzas for a whole semester, watching some students make pizza was a bit funny. Most would start properly with the pizza source, and then they would add the toppings before adding the cheese layer. I was having fun making pizza again the way I like my pizza to be made. My taste buds were excited to witness me adding a light pizza source, a thick layer of cheese, pepperoni, Canadian bacon and covering half of the pizza with pineapple.     

To finish the evening off, the RAs decided to bring us the movie Home Alone I & II. Having not watched the movie for more than 10 years ago, I still found it hilarious. While we were watching the movie, the RAs decided to call people for seconds. I knew that some of my friends wanted more pizza but only two of us actually went for seconds and we enjoyed ourselves with pizza.

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