The Campus

December, 16

“It’s boring, it’s too quiet, all my friends are gone, I am going home, I am visiting a family friend etc.”, are the common phrases you hear from most students during breaks. People like me get to stay on campus and see what Luther College looks like without most students.

During Christmas break, the campus looks emptier than any other breaks. Most of the student body leave campus and go home or explore other parts of the US. The few of us left, mainly international students stay indoors because we tend to be very sensitive to the cold weather. The only place that one sees a lot of people is in the kitchen. Mainly, the faculty and staff are the people one will see in most parts of the day.

Even though the campus is quiet, for me it is just a change of environment. It is the time that I relax and enjoy movies. The quietness provides me with an opportunity to efficiently reflect on the past semester and set new goals for the next semester. The unoccupied evenings allow me to spend as much time as I want preparing Swazi traditional meals and to spend enough time with my friends. This is the break that I get back to doing what I love, running. Christmas break is when I work a lot of hours to cover all of my outstanding fees. The break creates a conducive environment for me to do almost all the things I never find time to do during the semester. It is a break that provides different opportunities.

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