Still Green

December 7, 2012

The wind has striped the trees their wonderful colored leaves. Usually, after the trees are leafless, the snow covers them and ice forms in some branches making them shinny. However, up until today, December 7, 2012, we have not experienced snow. 

Even though it was my first time experiencing snow, I enjoyed my first experience with snow freshman year and surprisingly, I do miss it. I am surprised at myself because I was really getting tired of it towards the end of February. I miss the white scenic view of the campus, the leafless trees covered by snow and polished by the ice.  I miss walking on the snow, seeing creative people creating different objects all over campus.

When it snows, I feel like a kid again. I open my mouth and try to catch as many snowflakes as I can at night when I walk back to my dormitory and make sure that nobody sees me. I slide as I run on top of the ice. I enjoy the sound produced by runners as they run on the snow.

It is still the beginning of December anyways; I hope a lot of snow will come. I miss it.    

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