Christmas at Luther 2012

December 5, 2012

This year marked my fifth Christmas at Luther - but it was my first time experiencing the concert from in front of the conductor.

My brother was in choir his first two years at Luther, and it was his freshmen year here (which was my freshmen year in high school) that I had my first Christmas at Luther experience. I remember feeling absolutely in awe of the concert, and bursting into tears during the candlelighting anthem. Almost every year since, I have been at Christmas at Luther. As cheesy as it sounds, I truly believe there is something magical about Luther's Christmas performances - even more so than of other colleges. Simply being in the beautifully decorated CFL, surrounded by voices.. there's really nothing else to compare it to.

Naturally, I was excited to be a part of the show this year and to see the innerworkings of the concert I had grown to love so much. While we had been practicing Christmas music since the middle of September, I was shocked at how little time all of the choirs and orchestra spent together rehearsing. Within three rehearsals and a dress rehearsal with the orchestra, suddenly we were ready to go! And of course, everything came together beautifully in such a short amount of time due to the extreme talent here at Luther. The orchestra added a whole other dimension from what the choirs had been rehearsing. The first piece of the concert, which was orchestra only, sounded like it was being recorded by professionals for a movie. I was amazed.

If you have yet to see a Christmas at Luther performance, I highly recommend finding out what all this hype is about. Luckily, if you missed it this year, our performances were video-recorded and will be appearing nationally on PBS closer to Christmas! You can look at the PBS Webpage to see when the concert will be broadcasted in your area.

Merry Christmas, all!

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