Christmas at Luther and Peace Brunch

Christmas at Luther is something that brings people from all over to the Luther College campus every year. It’s a huge celebration and always worth the trip. This year, my family came down to Decorah for the Peace Brunch and Christmas at Luther.

Peace Brunch this year was such a great time. There were so many tasty breakfast foods as well as Norwegian foods to eat. Quite a few of my family members were excited to have lutefisk and I was really excited to have salmon. (It was cooked exactly like the salmon I had in Sweden last Christmas time and definitely made me nostalgic for that.) Peace Brunch during Christmas at Luther is also completely beautiful. The decorations were great and put us all in the holiday spirit.

Following brunch we walked around the Luther Bookshop with about everyone else that was waiting for concert time. It was exciting because my little sister who is a high school senior has been accepted and is now considering coming to Luther next fall. (She knows that Luther’s got my vote.)

Then we headed over for the concert. This year the concert was as mind-blowing as usual. The experience of Christmas at Luther each year is something that is truly unforgettable. You can tell that they all put not only time and effort in, but also so much heart. Listening and watching Christmas at Luther is an emotional experience. There were multiple instances during the concert when I had chills because of the pure beauty of the music. This is just something to be expected when going to Christmas at Luther each year. It’s always filled with talented musicians who put real passion in to the music that they create.

It’s a bit of a bummer that this year will be my last Christmas at Luther as a Luther student, but I’m sure that I’ll make the journey back in future years to experience the magic that happens in this amazing concert.

Cheers ladies and gents :)

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