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December 1, 2012

After my Stats class I went to my room to relax for a couple of minutes. I logged in on facebook and saw that one of my high school friends was online. I really wanted to talk to him so I asked him if we can skype and he said yes. I was excited and I opened my skype account very fast and called him, Njabulo Mndzebele. I call him Mndzebele.

Mdzebele has been my friend since I met him 2005 when he transferred to Evelyn Baring High school (EB) and he stayed a couple of blocks from my house. This gentlemen kept me going in high school because he was a hard worker;  a true hustler.

Conversing with Mndzebele was like adding fuel to a raging fire inside me. The man reminded me of why I am at Luther, how I got here and the importance of giving back to Mathendele community. When you get to a place like Luther and you are far from home, you make connections fast and easy then settle in fast. That is to say, I stopped myself from thinking about the people, streets, shops and other things that make Mathendele. I felt like it was useless to think about these things and is preventing me from fully experiencing Luther College. I started thinking that there was no way I could give back to my community because I was far from it. Also, I lied to myself that I will not be able to give back because I do not have money yet, I will start giving back when I start working. The truth of the matter is that I can give back to community anytime I want if I use all the resources I have; no money needed. For instance, being a community tutor for kids struggling in mathematics does not need money. It needs a heart and brain.

While talking to Mndzebele I saw the community that made me who I am today; the streets, the shops, the people, I smelled the rain, I saw us walking to school and I heard the noise in the bus rank, I saw EB and the students. Mentally seeing and feeling my community made me want to do more for it soon. Mathendele community shaped me.  Fortunately, I am at Luther; Luther is equipping me every day with all the skills I need to start giving back to my community now and the platform of using these skills now.

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