Cheers to Changes

December 2nd, 2012

Hello, readers! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! Mine was short but well worth the 28 hours of roundtrip travel to Washington. Now that I have returned to Luther, the end of the semester is looming for more reasons than final exams.

    As the semester winds down, I am reminded more and more that my life will be very different next semester in Washington DC. My musical commitments are slipping away and I am struck at the difference in my life, even in my stress level Philharmonia rehearsals have ended and I am working out the details in my last piano piece I must perform. I have been so fortunate to have access to music lessons and musical groups for the majority of my life. Taking away something that has been so life-defining, if even for a few months, will be harder than I thought.

    Luther has taught me over the last few years that music can be a life-long study. I never wanted to be a music major exactly for this reason. It has been an enriching aspect of my life, integrating itself into other parts, but a constant nonetheless. My only wish now is that my future career goals will be a comfort to this lack-of-music ache I have. Interning at the Kennedy Center, surrounded by musicians and music supporters will be rewarding, to be sure. However, it will be a different way of integrating music into my life than the Luther music program I have come to depend on. Cheers to changes!

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