Stressed... Uff Duh

So after a super relaxing Thanksgiving break I have been more or less slapped in the face with stuff to do this week. In fact, this may be the busiest week I have ever experienced… ever! To start off this is Christmas at Luther week, which is always exciting and full of music. I have had two and a half hours of mass (all choirs) on Monday and Tuesday night, along with a six hour rehearsal on Sunday. Tonight is the dress rehearsal so that will be about two and a half hours too. Tomorrow starts the concerts so even more time will be dedicated on those nights as well. On top of the mass rehearsals, Collegiate still meets for the normal rehearsal time, Monday and Wednesday for an hour, which might not seem like a lot but on top of the other rehearsals it’s a ton of singing.

Contrary to popular belief, just because it is Christmas at Luther weekend the rest of campus does not stop moving, which means there is still swim practice. Because rehearsals are conveniently scheduled at the same time as practices I, and other singing swimmers, have to go in on our own time to get a workout in. This creates even more tiredness than normal.

And last but not least there are academics! It just so happens that everything scholarly in my life is culminating this week. I have an organic chemistry test on Monday and a lab exam tomorrow, along with a handful of other assignments just for that class. Psychology has a paper due on Friday, but I have yet to receive all the information for it so I cannot start writing the paper, which stinks. And then microbiology has some assignments due as well. So if you cannot tell by reading this I am super-duper stressed out and busy. But soon enough all the work will stop and I will be on break, swimming in San Juan, Puerto Rico! The beach and sun can’t come soon enough! Because I am stressed I’ve posted a picture of me not stress and happy from this summer… no one wants to see a picture of a stressed out college kid.

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