The Night Before Christmas at Luther

November 28, 2012

Twas the night before C@L, when all through the floor
Not a student was stirring behind a tinsel-taped door.
Small stockings were hung on bedposts with care,
In hopes that winter break would soon would be there.

Musicians are hunched closely over their desks,
Learning text, so the concert would be picturesque.
Latin and Swedish and English and more:
With so many words in every score!

The CFL is decorated from high beam to floor,
With Christmas lights twinkling behind every door.
Collegiate in red robes and Nordic in blue,
Combine with other choirs, creating a beautiful slew.

The moon is now falling over brightly lit trees
Beauty to bring every Grinch to his knees.
The concert begins, the violins swoon,
Christmas spirit is here – no one is immune.

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