Christmast at Luther!

This week could easily be the busiest week for some people on campus, but for me I am doing just fine at maintaining my stress levels. It’s the week leading up to Christmas at Luther. For those of you that don’t know what Christmas at Luther is, it is a yearly Christmas show that the Luther College music department puts on. It involves all choir ensembles and a variety of different instrumental ensembles to put on one of the biggest performances on campus each year. Shows run from Thursday evening to Sunday evening.  Shows usually are sold out, and people come from all over to experience it.

The reason that this week is so busy for the people involved with Christmas at Luther is because they have 3+ hour-long rehearsals each evening leading up to the first show. They put in a lot of time preparing for the show and you can tell tension and stress levels are high this week.

I have been to three Christmas at Luther performances, and each year I am impressed more on how talented some of the musicians are at Luther. This year I believe the show is being televised, which is pretty exciting.

I unfortunately am not involved with any musical groups because I am musically challenged. However, I have tons of friends that are. It’s nice to know that I can support them by attending the Christmas at Luther performance, as well as by supporting them by going to their smaller concerts as well.

We have a lot of talented people on campus, whether you are an artist, athlete, or musician or a combination of some sort. Somehow we all find ways to fit together to call us students of Luther College.

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