Turkey Day in Decorah

November 26, 2012

Because I had already been home for fall break, I decided to stick around for Thanksgiving. Plus, it is far too long of a travel time to make going home for this short of a stay worth it. And to top it all off, my family is coming for Christmas at Luther next weekend!

But I was still concerned about being lonely…So I made plans to stay with a friend of mine in town for Thanksgiving day. And that was the best decision I could have made because little did I know, the empty void that had not seen children and puppies in ages was finally fulfilled. My tummy was certainly satisfied as well.

I got dropped off on Wednesday night, and I was welcomed to a cushy couch, a movie and delicious red velvet ice cream. The next morning I awoke to baby noises and puppy moaning. Uncle Ethan had come over with the kids and the new puppy! I spent the entire day spoiling the two little girls, dousing them in kisses and letting the puppy fall asleep in my lap while watching movie after movie and stuffing my face full of turkey. I was an absolute vegetable for the day, but who cares! I don’t remember the last time I’ve relaxed for that long. It was a very necessary day of family and laziness.

Today, Friday, I woke up early and lugged my stuff back to campus to get started on the piles of homework that await me. As much as I have to do, it feels good to be so on the ball. If I make progress now, I won’t be drowning in work when finals week comes!

On that note…better buckle down! Happy thanksgiving to all!


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