Sleep, Eat, Movies was the Order of the Day

November, 26

I tried my best to be a good student and do homework after Thanksgiving during the break but the turkey was already in my blood. You see, before the Thanksgiving I was resting; I did not want to do homework or do anything related to books. All I wanted was to lean back and relax; sleep, watch movies and eat. I told myself that I will start thinking about schoolwork after I have eaten some turkey.

The day I have been waiting for finally came, 22 November, and Thandeka came to pick me up from Farwell. I was excited because it was going to be my first day to eat a home cooked meal since summer when I was cooking my own food. I forgot about books and all I cared about was the turkey. The turkey was the highlight of my day. To be honest, Jim, Thandeke’s host, told me the names of the dishes that were on the table but I can’t remember them now. I forgot them immediately when I started consuming the turkey. I had a very delicious meal, and they even gave me leftovers because they saw I enjoying it so much.  

After Thanksgiving I continued where I ended with sleeping, watching movies and eating with my friends. The turkey was too delicious I also forgot about homework up until Sunday evening. All in all, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, thanks to Jim and Thandeka for inviting me.

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