Sophomore Slump

November 18, 2012

Ever since my fun-filled trip to NYC, I have been missing the city life a little. Don’t get me wrong – Decorah is beautiful, but it’s simply lost its newness. Quite honestly, between all the work I’ve been swamped with this year and the monotony of my schedule, I have just gotten a little bored lately. But I was forewarned about this stage of ‘sophomorehood’. Everyone goes through it, and almost everyone comes out of it just fine. I realized the fun I wanted to have was really up to me. I didn’t have to sulk in this boredom – I could act on it: look for upcoming shows in the area, visit the twin cities every now and then!

So this weekend I did just that. My friends and I drove to Rochester – an hour chuck full of music, history trivia and life chats. After about an hour of driving through cornfields, we spotted a small grouping of tall buildings in the distance. “What are those?” my friend asked. “No idea,” I said. Hilariously, it wound up being Rochester!

As we entered downtown Rochester, we marveled at the colorful rows of shops and the massive MAYO Clinic. It was unbelievably fulfilling to walk the streets of a city again, even if it was just a small one. It supplied me with something I hadn’t had in a while. After a while, I hadn’t been off campus in a month.

We wasted away the day relaxing in coffee shops, playing cards, window shopping, eating delicious food, and fantasizing about all the places we’d like to travel to some day (which seemed to be the theme of the day).

When we got back, we rushed to the Fun. concert, where Nate Ruess’ voice soared over the excited crowd, and we all danced and sang until we had no voices left.

It was a wonderful day! Sometimes you just need to get away. But coming back to Luther was just as wonderful!


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