A FUN. Saturday

September 18, 2012

It is a quiet Sunday evening here on the Luther campus, though last night was quite the opposite. A band invaded Decorah yesterday, maybe you have heard of them, I don’t know, they are called FUN. YES OH MY GOSH FUN WAS HERE! Most of Luther and many folks from around the area packed the gym to hear one of the most popular bands of 2012.

    The Student Activities Council (SAC) Concert committee hosts two concerts a year (spring and fall) and this one was no disappointment. The opening act, Miniature Tigers, provided the energy build-up needed as the mob waited anxiously for the stars. As soon as FUN. Took the stage, the crowd was a ball of energy. They whizzed through their lesser-known songs, with the lead singer taking a moment for a speech, a little ode to Iowa. He also mentioned that on their requests, sometimes the band puts outrageous things just because they can. Turns out that Luther was the only place in almost 40 concerts to provide them with the George Washington cardboard cutout they requested.

     As the build-up came for them to play their chart-toppers, confetti flew during one of the songs (pictured here). Creating a haze of excitement, the confetti floated to the ground, anticipation at its height. “Carry On,” “Some Nights,” and “We Are Young” are easily some of the best live band performances I have seen. My roommate put this performance on par with Coldplay live, and that is saying something. Everyone left the concert on a high from the talent on display for little ol’ Luther to enjoy.

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