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The Dreaded Paideia and Thank You Seniors!

The Dreaded Paideia and Thank You Seniors!

November 14, 2012
By Nathan Bloechl

While embarking on the journey of Paideia paper number four I found myself questioning whether or not I enjoyed writing about Philosophy. Turns out I do not. And I feel as though I am one of many first-years who are finding this paper rather hard. I find it unimaginably difficult to write a four to five page paper on Plato's theories of free-thinking in relation to that of a Utopian Society. Where are the days of writing about how your day was, or what you wanted to be when you grew up? I am so good writing about that kind of stuff. With a little bit of decoding the cryptic mind of Plato and Socrates it does not feel as bad, but the struggle continues. On a side note, I want to commend the Seniors of the Luther Norse football team. Our record says we were 0-10, but the heart, sweat and pride those men played with for four years wearing the Norse blue and white will never be forgotten. We will carry on the tradition for you guys for years to come! Thank you men for everything this year, its been fun! 1-0!

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