Christmas at Luther!!!

This past weekend was the first mass choir rehearsal for Christmas at Luther! And going with the theme of sophomore year, it was very different than last year. Although we are singing different pieces of music, obviously, the rehearsal felt very similar. As a returning singer I knew what to expect, so I guess it should not have felt very different. Anyway, this year is going to be SO cool! The mass pieces we are working on are amazing, the choirs all sound great and it seems like everyone is excited to be on TV. This will be the first Christmas at Luther for Dr. Last, as a conductor. Dr. Last was a student here so he knows how Christmas at Luther works; Dr. Last conducts Norsemen and Collegiate, the choir I am in. Also, this is sadly Dr. Sandra Peter’s last Christmas at Luther, she will going to Florida to join Dr. Tim Peter. So with the combination of this concert being on TV, a director’s first years, a director’s last year and some awesome music, you will definitely be missing out if you do not see this concert. Luckily for everyone it will be super easy because a ton of public television stations carry Christmas as Luther. So if you want your life to be exponentially better watch this year’s concert!

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