Exciting Phone call

November 12, 2012

“You collect all you can my friend” is part of the email from Glen that made my life, my Tuesday better. For weeks we had been struggling on how we were going to ship shoes weighing over 100 pounds. All we were told was that it was going to be very expensive to pay for the shipment and we had to start raising funds for shipment. We already had the shoes collected and we really wanted them to get to those who need them in Swaziland. We only had $250 and we knew that this amount of money was not enough to ship the amount of shoes we had collected.

I had sent Glen, the gently man who is helping us with the cost of shipping the shoes, an email on the 2nd of November and he replied 5 days later. So, I was starting to panic because I desperately needed to hear back from him so that we could start fundraising if he was not going to cover the whole shipping cost. Not shipping anything was impossible. The decision had been made that we were going to ship what we could ship. Today, we would like to collect more shoes but the semester is about to end, meaning finals are already knocking at our doors.

Glen was a super hero on Tuesday 7 November 2012 0630. He made my day. I woke up at 6am and showered. With a towel around my waist I decided to go in the cluster and I sat in the most comfortable couch I could find. I looked at my phone and dialed his number before I checked my email. My prayers were to get hold of Glen; he is in South African, so the time there was around 3pm. When I heard his voice I got excited and then I asked the question, “Glen, how much are you willing to cover for shipping?”

Glen: “Do not worry my friend. Collect all you can. Haven’t you read your email? I just replied you.”

I was at all smiles, singing and dancing, luckily no one saw me. Not long ago, money had been the issue, but today the issue is time; our goal is to ship the shoes by the end of November. The team decided that we were going to ship what we could ship but today we are excited that we will ship all that we have. We are all excited and full of joy. They say, “You're Prettiest When You're Happy”, that’s us, John Freude, Jayne Cole, Lauren Maze and Margaret Pierson.



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