Outreach: Magnify Him with Thanksgiving

November 11th, 2012

Greetings, readers! I hope your first weeks of November are treating you well. I know that I am anticipating the holiday season, loving every commercial I see and song I hear. This weekend, I grew even more excited after my Outreach team’s trip to Faribault, Minnesota.

Our team of 8 piled into cars late Friday afternoon and made the two-hour trek to First English Lutheran Church where we hosted a lock-in with 22 middle schoolers. When we drove up to the church, we all immediately commented on its beauty. Inside, it had detailed stained-glass and big arches that the pastor said dated back to the 1920-30s when the community members banded together during the Depression to build the structure.

After our introduction to the church, the youth started to arrive, full of energy. It was the first lock-in the church had hosted in more than 10 years, so we were excited to get the youth involved. Our theme was “Magnify Him with Thanksgiving,” appropriate for the upcoming holidays! Many of our activities got the youth thinking about what they were thankful for, including a scavenger hunt. Of course, other activities were simply for fun. We had the students bake cookies - with a twist. In groups of two, one had to stand behind the other with closed eyes and act as their arms while the one in front instructed how to measure the ingredients and where to poor. Everyone should make cookies this way! They were delicious, even though some kids were leery of their work afterwards. Later we watched a movie, falling asleep on the hard floor of the church.

    The morning consisted of eating a breakfast prepared by the parents (yum!) and playing “Romans and Christians,” a sort of tag. I think the youth left worn out, but hopefully will take what they learned into the holiday season of thankfulness!

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