Nursing Banquet and an Election

November 7, 2012

Last night was Luther's annual Nursing Banquet. Nursing professors, clinical instructors, Nursing majors, first-year students interested in Nursing, and even some of the junior Nursing students who are living in Rochester this year came to the event to celebrate Luther’s Nursing program.

The evening started off with a social hour, where the first-years were able to talk with a lot of upperclassmen and faculty about the major, the application process, and why they love Nursing. Following these conversations was a delicious meal served in Peace Dining Room. Each table held cute pumpkin namecards that were deliberately arranged so that there were people from each grade as well as a Nursing professor sitting together. During dessert (red velvet cake!), students spoke about the National Student Nurses Association, and Wendy Stevens, a beloved Biology professor, lead a discussion on the power of being an advocate and gift giving that left many of us in tears. It was a great evening – and we were finished in time to watch the election results!

The whole campus seemed to be buzzing about the election. I was very impressed with how much Luther emphasized the importance of voting. Every single one of my professors stressed that we should get out and vote, regardless of party, for the candidate that we thought best looked after our future as college graduates, or as women, etc. Luther even had a voting station in the Union a few weeks before the election so that everyone would have the opportunity to vote. For many college students, this was their first time voting, and their first time really believing that the outcome of the election would really affect them. It was exciting to watch the results from a dorm room, which is so different from watching it on the television at home - especially when happy students ran through the hallways yelling "OBAMAAAAAAA".

 It was a very fun night!

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