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So for those of you who read my blogs regularly, you probably think that this year I am a huge slacker since I have not really blogged about any of my classes. Well that is about to change, because I am finally going to blog about Organic Chemistry, exciting right? First off, this is kind of an odd thing to blog about because my professor this married to the woman who is in charge of all of the bloggers, so most likely she will be reading this blog which is almost fully dedicated to her husband. Anywho, my O Chem prof is so great! Not only is he super cool but he is an amazing teacher and really helps the class understand the lecture topics. Although O Chem has a reputation as being one of the hardest classes you can take, he really makes the material as interesting and applicable as possible. While I am on the subject of how difficult O Chem is I will go right out and say it… it is not the hardest class ever! Yes it is quite difficult and sometimes very frustrating but I am sure someday I will take a harder class. Just like any other class, if you put the effort forth then you will receive the grade you most likely deserve. Grated, I am sure that there are some people who just do not get chemistry, more specifically that of the organic variety and of course this class would be hard for them but again if they have a passion to learn the material with the right effort they can do well. Oddly enough O Chem is probably my favorite lecture to go to, there is always something new and interesting, and my brain is always being pushed each day. Although this is a very nerdy point of view of O Chem, I think it is one that a lot of other students have; meaning only nerds take O Chem… I guess that sounds about right, ha.

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