Mondays...the new best day of the week?


For most people Mondays are usually the worst part about the week. But this Monday was probably the best Monday I have had in awhile. To begin, I started my day by turning in my first draft of my senior paper. Turning my draft in is probably the biggest sigh of relief that I have had all semester. All 22 pages are written so it is down to revising it after my adviser reads it over.

To make my Monday even better, in both of my classes yesterday we got our tests back and I was pretty happy with my score. I wasn’t sure how I did after taking them, but after getting my scores back I am assured that I am good to go…until the next test.

I even packed my own Lunch! Which is a huge accomplishment for me.  Because I live off campus, I have a limited number of meal swipes that I can use on campus that I have purchased for the semester. I decided yesterday that I would use the leftovers that my housemate and I made on the weekend. We made Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas, which were delicious. It was a recipe that I discovered this summer while I was in Kansas, and let me tell you they are one of the tastiest things I have ever had.

The rest of my Monday was filled with going for a run on a sunny afternoon, spending time catching up on some random things to take care of, and just relaxing. I feel like yesterday was the first time where I was able to just sit and breathe for a little bit to catch up with all of the business of my life.

Now today is Tuesday and the rest of my life has caught up with my relaxed Monday, but I guess I can’t complain. My senior paper was that one thing hanging over my head and always in the back of my mind. In a few weeks it will be turned in, and I will be in the home stretch of the semester. It’s crazy how time flies.

 Hopefully the rest of my Mondays can be as good as this one was, but I don't think they will be able to compete. 



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