Memorable Side Ache

November 2, 2012

Friday 11/2/2012, was the last race for xc JV folks. It was a race where I have planned to run 8km under 27 minute. I wanted to pr and run a negative split. I knew I could do it especially because of the support of my teammates; pushing each other beyond one’s limits is what we do best at LCXC.

I had the best 4miles of my life. I was rolling, feeling the race and passing people. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain on my right side of the stomach; side ache. I ignored it and told myself that, I will finish the race as soon as possible. With every step I took, it became worse. I had to slow down and Jog the other mile. When I started jogging I knew that I was no longer going to able to achieve my goals. People kept passing me and all my teammates were asking if I am all right; and that kept me going.

Crossing the finish line was supposed to be a relief however, I was miserable. I was sad because I did not achieve my goals and tears filled my eyes. I was at the point of crying when I remembered that a lot of people passed me during the last part of the race. Even though they passed me during the race, I started appreciating the fact that I ran faster than I did in my freshman and sophomore year after jogging the last mile.  I was so happy when I started to think about the whole season rather than one race and I counted my blessings; I only missed a race this season!

My face came back to life when I started to think about the whole season. The more I thought about the season the happier I became. Freshman I missed 4 races, sophomore year I misses 5 races and 2012 season I missed 1 race! I said to myself,

“Why must I allow one race to ruin my season? This season I was faster and healthier than the past two seasons and I am going to allow a side ache, a pain that I could not do anything about, ruin my season? That was stupid! Come on Otono, be real. You had a fantastic, great and, awesome season!  Rejoice with your teammates. Lift your head up and be happy. You have one more season with LCXC!”

 I walked back to the locker room a happy man with a big smile on my face thinking about track. Sprint distance, here comes the healthy me.   


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