An eye-opening reminder to keep up with life outside of the Luther bubble…

November 3, 2012


This Sunday at dinner, my friend Ben turned to me and said casually, “Hey, do you know how your family is?” “My family? No actually, why?” I replied, confused. “Well haven’t you heard? One of the biggest storms to hit the east coast is supposed to be coming tomorrow!”

How could I not have heard about this? Am I so stuck in the Luther bubble that I could have missed this? Then I thought to myself, well, yes Abby, you are that caught up in your little world here. I know you don’t have a TV in your room or much time on your hands, but you could at least make the effort to scope the internet for the news every now and then!

I spent the rest of dinner squirming, eager to call home. As soon as I stepped outside, I did so. My Dad picked up, seemingly unfazed. Were my friends playing a prank on me?...“Hi! So…a storm is coming? Are you guys alright?” He started to explain to me calmly that they had spent most of the day clearing the house of anything that may have been valuable and taking other precautions along those lines. My mom had high hopes of it being another exaggeration like that of Hurricane Irene. (Ever since Katrina, our country has been taking extreme precautions before every storm.) This time, evacuation of all towns on the coast were mandatory by Sunday at midnight. All of this news was popping up on my news feed and I couldn’t believe how seriously people were taking it! Should I be worried? I thought. So I texted home multiple times, encouraging the family to double check on the valuables, sleep in basement, stock up on food just in case…I was worried about them! Maybe they weren’t exaggerating this time!

I slept through the night nervously, praying that everything would go smoothly on Monday. Later that afternoon, I called to see how the fam was fairing. All was well! Many had lost power but our house was going strong! Later that night, I got word that almost every family had lost power, including mine. Large parts of Atlantic city were gone, and much of New York City was underwater and powerless. My state had been pummeled! But my town was lucky…lost power was the worst of our problems. Only a few houses were hit by trees, but almost all of us were fortunate.

Last night, as my mom called from the cold, dark house, she informed me that it could be another nine days until the power returned. “I’m not sure how much longer I can be a pioneer,” she confessed.

Funny to be saying this now, but I wish more than anything that I could be with my family now…not while they’re vacationing in Spain, not while they’re see Broadway shows in the city, not while they’re doing a lot of fine dining, but now – when life is frustrating and boring. Because I could be providing them with the comfort, entertainment, love they need!
I know that they will make it through this on their own though, and quite frankly, they make pretty sweet pioneers if you ask me!

Moral of the story..? Read the news on campus…it could affect you!

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