One of the last adviser meetings

Walking in for my meeting with my adviser this week was a strange experience. This is because I was going in to plan out my last semester and my last J-term at Luther College. It was just another one of the many reminders that I only have one semester left.

I’m one of those lucky individuals who have had the same adviser for FOUR YEARS. She helped me as a freshman back when I was in a constant struggle about what I should be majoring in and what I should be taking while I attempt to figure that out. She’s been there for all of my stress-out sessions. All of those times when I sat there quietly because the questions I needed to answer weren’t shedding any light on the answers I needed.  She’s been there for all of that, which means that she knows me. She knows what classes I hated and what classes I loved. She’s got a good hold on what I would probably enjoy doing as a career. She’s the perfect person to talk to about all of these things. She saw my growth, she had a first row seating for my growing pains.

This is what makes these last meetings so exciting and so emotional at the same time. She’s helped me get through four years of college. She’s made sure that I get everything done that I need to, while keeping me excited for what I’m going to be studying.

I still remember the day I ran in to her office and told her that not only had I decided that I was going to major in psychology (as a psychology professor she was excited), but that I also was determined to spend a year abroad in Nottingham, England. It was that day that my college career really started moving, and she was there for it. I finally had figured out the answer to the most difficult question of my college career. She was the one that helped me sit down and write up a plan for my next two and a half years. It was such an exciting process, and one that has helped make the last few years so much easier.

In my meeting this week we assembled a good idea of what I’ll be taking this next semester as well as brainstormed ideas for a J-term internship that would fit my interests. It was so exciting! The best part was when we had finished assembling all of the classes that I needed to take and she turned to me and said “Take something easy and fun. It’s your last semester. Take something that you’ve always wanted to take.” How exciting is that idea?!? From there we spent about five minutes looking through all of the fun and interesting classes that Luther has to offer that I never had the chance to consider before. I can tell that this next semester is going to be a great one! I’ll have a good combination of difficult classes for my major and fun classes. I can’t wait!

After figuring out all of the necessary stuff, we just sat and talked. After four years, I’ve come to enjoy these moments. It’s one of the great things about a small, liberal arts college like Luther. Real connections are made between faculty and students. They take an interest in knowing the you that lies beyond textbooks and exams. They’re there when you need them ready and willing to help. Luther College faculty are here because they care about students, and when you’re figuring out those big major and career questions, knowing that they care is more helpful than anything else.

Cheers ladies and gents :)

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