The Process Continues

This week I finished all my applications for my internship in the Washington Semester Program. With many cover letters edited and writing samples printed, I was thankful for another thing to be checked off my list. Working with the internship coordinator for the program is so easy. She helped me find places to apply, edited my cover letters and resumes, and provided a letter of recommendation from the program. Not only that, but she does that for all 40-something students in the program. Having someone to help makes the process so much less nerve-wracking. Knowing that you have access to a professional to help you apply could not be more beneficial. I wish she would help me on all my job applications!

Now the waiting game ensues. I applied to the Kennedy Center, the Washington Performing Arts Society and the Levine School of Music to hopefully find a music marketing/communications internship. Because these institutions hire so many interns, many of their websites say it will be 6-8 weeks before I hear anything. In the mean time, I have to complete a couple things on campus. I have to turn in a few forms for the registrar as well as housing applications for the program. On the bright side, I do not have to go through the stressful process of registering for classes on campus!

    Between these applications and sickness this week, I am delivering a short but hopefully informative blog! Did I mention that I’m EXCITED?!!

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