The wonders of January Term: Looking for an internship

This past week on Tuesday and Thursday I attended two sessions on J-term internships. One of these was just the general meeting and the other was specifically for psychology majors.

I’m pretty excited by the prospect of having an internship this January. I was in England for junior year so this will be the first internship that I’ve ever had. I just can’t wait to get it all figured out.

Through the two meetings I was able to gather all kinds of information about what kind of internship I should be looking for and how to find an internship that fits this picture. For the next few weeks I’ll be looking around and beginning my search for a great internship for this January.

I’ve always loved the idea of January term. It’s such a great idea. January Term is smack dab in the middle of the school year. It’s a break from routine and yet you’re still fullfilling various credits that you need. Freshman year I remember taking a class titled “Becoming a Good Alien.” It ended up being a very interesting class about cross-cultural interactions. Sophomore year I took a class on interfaith cooperation. I learned so much about my own religion and others through this class. It was very cool. Then junior year my year in Nottingham was able to fulfill my J-term credit. It’s just so cool all of the interesting things that students can do during the month of January!

This January I’m going to take the opportunity to find an internship that could help in the development of my direction in my career search. As a senior this is huge! In less than eight months I’ll hopefully be entering into an actual job. The idea that doing some interesting internship this January could actually help me decide exactly what I want to do once I leave Luther makes me incredibly motivated to do this.

The career center has been very helpful in all of this. So far, it has been the career center that has set up these informational meetings about J-term internships. They’ve given me all kinds of information regarding the process of getting an internship. They’ve also been sending plenty of emails regarding internships that have come to their attention. I know that with the help of the Career Center I’ll be able to find an internship that fits what I’m looking for. The Career Center is once again such a great place to go for help here at Luther.

Time to do some internship research. Wish me luck!

Cheers ladies and gents

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