School Away from School: Fall Break 2012

Last week was Luther’s fall break. Right after class on Friday, my mom arrived to take me, as well as a carload of other Luther students, back to Northfield. It was nice to finally have some time at home and away from schoolwork, although my half-week was far from unproductive.

My dad, knowing how frustrated I am without having a major picked out, allowed for me to do some job shadowing at the public schools in Northfield while I was home. There, I followed two different speech and language pathologists and an occupational therapist. It was fun to look into these jobs because they were a few that I had never thought of doing before. It’s almost overwhelming for me that there are so many possibilities out there – even jobs within schools, where I’ve spent my entire life, that I hardly even knew existed!

Other than job shadowing, my break consisted of catching up on television shows (The Office is funny again!), taking advantage of having a kitchen again (and eating a ton of pumpkin muffins – yum!), sleeping in, serving Sunday morning brunch at my old job, meeting up with friends, and an afternoon of shopping with my mom!

Needless to say, the days flew by! Now it is back to reality for me, and I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving break.

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