The Adventure Race--Never Again.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the Adventure Race sponsored by a group on campus called Alpha Phi Omega (A national service fraternity, kind of similar to National Honor Society in high school).

The adventure race normally consists of three different portions: first a canoe/kayak on the Upper Iowa River, then a bike ride in Decorah, and lastly a run near campus. People can participate in it on teams, or individually. 

The reason I decided to do the adventure race is because last year I volunteered at it, and said that next year I was going to do it all by myself. Therefore, on Saturday I woke up bright and early to a chilling 40 degrees with an overcast sky.  The canoe/kayak portion was canceled due to the river levels being too low, therefore I just had to worry about the bike and run part. I figured, what’s 13 miles on a bike and then a 3-mile run…should be cake, right? Turns out I was wrong. The bike ride was possibly one of the longest, and hilliest things I have ever done. Who would have thought that parts of northeastern Iowa could be so hilly because the rest of the state is flat?  The trail that they chose for us to bike was on the Trout Run Trail which is about 13 miles, the race designers forgot to realize that the trail is about a mile and a half away from campus, therefore our 13 mile bike ride turned into a 15 mile bike ride and after an hour of biking up too many hills to count, I was drained…and then I had to run.  I couldn’t feel my legs for the first mile of the run because they were still numb from all of my biking. Did I mention that part of the run was uphill? I don’t think I’ve ever struggled more on a run than at this one…I even had to walk a few times just to catch my breath. Finally at the top of the hill that we were running, I could feel my legs down, and the majority of the rest of the run was downhill…which was a huge sigh of relief on my legs and mentally.  I finished the race in one hour and thirty minutes exactly, which isn’t a bad time in my opinion. Maybe if I get the courage, I’ll try doing it alone again to see if I can beat my time, but judging on the fact of how sore my legs were after the race, I won’t be trying that again anytime soon.

I spent the remainder of the weekend trying to regain energy and work on my senior paper. This week has a lot in store for me because I have tests, quizzes, and papers due. I won’t be able to really relax until Friday, and I am predicting that I will have a pretty heavy homework load for the weekend. Oh the joys of being a senior.

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