Fall break and psychology lab research

Students are back on campus after the much anticipated fall break. Although it's only three days, it makes for a five-day weekend (if you can call that a weekend) and Luther students end up finding all kinds of interesting things to fill their time with.

My fall break wasn't anything too exciting. I didn't go on some fun vacation, or have an externship at my dream job like some of the Luther students. I did, however, spend five days relaxing with my family and managed to get in some much needed homework time. It wasn't a break that contributed greatly to my future career or anything, but it was relaxing and helped me to be a little more relaxed on my arrival back to campus.

Life is a little less hectic now that midterms have been tackled and that fall break provided me with ample time to work on homework. I'm looking forward to being able to give time to other things such as social activities and job searches.

It's also getting to an exciting point in my Psychology lab class. We've been creating, revising and working hard on preparations for our own experiments. It'll be my first time running my own experiment and let's just say I'm excited! I'm kind of geeking out over this! As a psychology major the idea of doing your own research is so thrilling!

This weekend and Monday we'll be getting the sign up forms ready for people to look at and will be getting all of our supplies ready to go. Then, come Wednesday we'll be holding our first time slot for the experiment! My two partners and I are getting excited and nervous about this. We'll have to make sure that everything is planned out perfectly. I can tell it's going to be a lot of fun though!

The next few weeks will be a nice break from the crazy schedule that preceded break. I'm excited to get a chance to do some much-needed job searching and catching up with friends. I'll also be having a great time with my experiment for my psychology lab course. It's going to be a great next few weeks!

Cheers ladies and gents :)

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