Fall Break in NYC

October 18, 2012

This fall break, for the first time, I took a friend home with me! And boy was it nice to finally have someone to travel with. Having someone to chat with makes long days of travel so much easier! We made quite the trek to get there – shuttle, plane, subway, train, taxi were all involved in the trips there and back. But despite being in transit for two full days, I think we decided it was worth it.

On Sunday, we slept in and I took my friend around my adorable little suburb of Maplewood, NJ. She loved scoping out all the historic homes and deemed the down-town scene was “precious,” which I was so proud to hear. Now normally, seeing all of this again would be old hat for me but seeing it through her fresh eyes made my stay more special. It made me realize how lucky I was to grow up where I did. Later I got to visit the adorable children I babysat over the summer. The raw excitement on their faces and their high pitched “AAABBYYY!” was ever so encouraging and I embraced them both in hugs. The five year old was loving kindergarten and the three year old was already speaking so much more! When we got home from our visit, our house concert artist had already arrived. (Ever since I left the house my mom has been doing crazy things to keep busy, like inviting up-and-coming musicians from all over the world to come sing at our home.) Jesse was young and handsome. He had long bouncy curls and couldn’t stop smiling. His voice soared through our living room like smooth silk. The sweet sound left us astounded; wanting more. When he had sung for almost two hours, he took pictures with us and signed autographs and showered us with free CDs – “a terrible businessman,” he admitted cutely. And in the window behind the music scene, I could see leaves falling and the sun setting. It was a magical afternoon, made even more special due to the fact that it was spent with close family and friends that I hadn’t seen in ages.

On Monday and Tuesday we conquered NYC - checking out possible grad school prospects, shopping, eating ethnic food, visiting Rockefeller Center…Monday, it poured on us, but at least it was warm. Tuesday we lucked out with sunny 60 degree weather.

You know, for a short stay, we really made the most of it…!

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