Reflection of the the first seven weeks!

Waking up this morning, the first day classes resume, was the worst! I felt like sleeping forever, but knew I needed to get up. The consolation is that this week is short. We have classes today and Friday, then it is the weekend. We have a Paideia mid-term on Friday which I hope should not be too hard. The first seven weeks of the semester have not been as difficult as I would have thought. I stressed myself out and believed that everything would be hard and that I would have no time. Actually, the opposite is true, I have found that if you do the work, show up for class and engage yourself things will come somewhat easy. Football is going pretty well right now. Our record may suggest otherwise, but we have developed a family and my teammates are people who you can count on as brothers which is an incredibly cool feeling. We play Central College this weekend at home at 1:00, come out and support us as we look to get into the win column! Stay Norse!

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