The Uneasiness of an Undecided Major

October 17, 2012

Up until this year, I have always known the purpose behind what I was doing: I took AP classes to get into a good college, I ran speed intervals to improve my race times for cross country, I took Portuguese lessons so I could better understand life in Brazil, I served at a restaurant to save up money for school…

Now that I’m actually at college, my purpose doesn’t exactly seem so clear. In only two short months, Luther is already forcing me to do some uncomfortable “soul searching.” I have quickly found that my high school ideal of majoring in Biology and Spanish is not feasible, considering I have no desire to step anywhere near a Physics or Calculus classroom, and my place in the Nursing program is looking continuously less appealing. As I rule out potential majors, I am feeling increasingly self-pressured to find out what it is that I want to study, and increasingly frustrated that I have no idea what that is. I am so envious of my peers who seem to have everything figured out while I am struggling to decide what classes I even want to explore. I am not a fan of uncertainty; some days, I wish I could look into the crystal ball of the future and see what I am destined to become, and what my life will shape out to be.

However, I know that this soul searching and uncertainty is what Luther, and a liberal arts education, is all about: exposing one to a variety of courses, philosophies, cultures, and experiences so they can expand their mind and possibilities. Luther also has a variety of services to make sure that while I’m experiencing these different courses and philosophies that I find something that I will both enjoy and be good at once I’m in the real world. For example, the attached image shows a portion of my results from the Strong Interest Inventory, which states I should look for careers with social, artistic, and enterprising components. Most of the careers the test stated I would enjoy were ones that I had never before pictured myself doing. Resources, such as this test, remind me of how many bright possibilities lay ahead in my future – many of which I never considered three months ago. While this whole process of soul searching and uncertainty is extremely frustrating for me, a portion of it is exciting simply because there are so many possible directions that my life can go. (Now, I just need to keep reminding myself of this).


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