You mean I have to take an art class?

Hello All!

Part of being a Luther student is the wide variety of classes that you get to take throughout your college career. This is because Luther requires students to take courses in disciplines that are outside your major (and usually outside your general interests)

The one class that I am taking this semester that I wasn’t looking forward to was an art class called “The Green Book” it is an art class that focuses on the environmental and sustainability factors of bookmaking. At first, I thought I was going to dread the class because I am not artistic at all. However as the semester has been going on I have been learning more about bookmaking and have been actually quite pleased with what I have come up with. So far we have made 3 different types of books and we are in the process of making what is called a bonefolder.

Two of my books that I am pretty proud of are Japanese account books and are similar to modern day memo pads.  With all of the different books that we have made we have learned about different techniques to dye, stamp, and paint on paper. We even spent a couple of days making our own paper, which was pretty cool.

The week before fall break, we had a professor who is experienced in woodcarving and bone carving, come in and explain to us about his craft. So in class last week we got on our hands and knees and started using the concrete as a sander (which is reusing what we already have…kind of sustainable, right?) to grind our pieces of animal bone down to make a bonefolder.

Although this class has challenged me artistically, I am glad I took it. It has brought forth an artsy side to myself and I am even looking into taking a pottery class in the spring. It’s nice to have a wide variety of courses that we can take offered at Luther that reach a variety of different interests.

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