Classes and Field Trips

Throughout the semester, we have 5-7 days of class followed by 1-2 days of break. Each “week” of class focuses on a certain topic. For example, the first week were days spent driving to outcrops relatively close to Coldigioco to learn background information. We traveled to nearby towns of Gubbio and Furlo, and took field trips to Mt. San Vicino and Mt. Conero. We even managed to spend some time at the beach near Ancona. During all of these trips we went over everything from practicing field techniques (using a hand lens, taking strike and dip with a clinometer, and identifying rock types and minerals at rock outcrops) to learning about the K/T boundary (learn more about the K/T boundary here:–Paleogene_boundary ) and we even heard Sandro's own personal rise to geological fame (he helped discover the crater of the meteorite that caused the mass extinction that killed the dinosaurs). All the while, we were getting used to living in Coldigioco, having an hour of Italian class each day, helping prepare meals, clean up, and become familiar with the dart board, Foosball table, and the the card game cribbage in the hangout named the Jurassic Pub.

Also during this time we had our first “Science and the Aesthetics” class. We meet for this class for a whole day 7 times throughout the semester. Class consists of a mixture of lecture on art, from history to perspective to drawing landscapes, and time to work from drawing, shading, and making maps of Coldigioco. At the end of the semester, each of us will make a final project and we will all host a small art show in the art gallery here at Coldigioco.

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