Studying Abroad in Italy

Welcome to Coldigioco, Italy, home of Osservatorio Geologico Coldigioco (OGC or Coldigioco Geological Observatory). Year-round permanent population hovers around three people, yet students and researchers from around the world utilize OGC as “home base” for much of the year.  For example, our program, Earth and the Environment in Italy, is in Coldigioco from August 6th through October 28th, studying Basic Italian, Science and the Aesthetics, Earth Systems and the Environment, Geology of Italy, and Independent Research Projects.  Our group consists of 13 students from Carleton College, Lawrence University, Macalester College, and Luther College.  Our geology classes are lead by year round resident and famous geologist, Alessandro “Sandro” Montanari, Luther College professor, Laura Peterson, and Lawrence University graduate, acting as a Teaching Assistant (TA), Kate Gerike.  Paula Metallo teaches our art class, Science and the Aesthetics, and Consuelo, recent graduate of an Italian university, teaches our Italian class.  Based in the mountainous countryside of Italy, 40 kilometers from the port city of Ancona, Coldigioco is surrounded by fabulous outcrops and interesting geological features and allows for travel to Northern Tuscany, the Dolomites, and Croatia for very enriching experiences in the study of geology while deeply experiencing the culture of Italy.  Welcome to Coldigioco!

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