I am in a Suit

October 14, 2012

On Thursday, October 11, the Career Center hosted a career fair. It was like a buffer of knowledge about available careers in the work place. The only thing I had to bring was my happy yet professional serious face and of course my resume. Well, the first thing I can say about the experience is that I never knew that talking could be so tiring. I now I admire my friends who talks so much because, as I found out, talking requires a lot of energy. I also admire the representatives of different companies who were part of this big event and were interested in guiding us to a brighter future with their company and giving us knowledge about the work environment.

It is amazing how confident and classy a suit can make one feel. I woke up just like any other morning on a Thursday and went to work. I felt normal up until I had to change and get into my suit to impress the company representatives who came to share their company information with us. I felt like a boss. As I walked to the Union, where the career fair was held, I felt like I was entering Wall Street; hoping that is where the Luther education will take me one day.  I had no choice but to be confident as I speak with each company spoke person that I was interesting to me and the suit was a cherry on top.

Epic was a particular company that took my breath away which I am hoping to secure a job with. Epic was one of the companies that participated during the career fair. I like this company and I want to work for them. I liked it more when I was told that Epic has a running team and Verona has nice running trails. I am attracted to this company and its location; I will definitely apply for a job there.


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