Fall Break!

Fall Break is approaching fast and I cannot be more excited! It will be nice to get away from school and just be able to relax, recharge and enjoy a little time off. I am disappointed that I cannot go back home for break because of football! That happens! School is going well this week as well. I have one quiz and one paper separating me from five days of freedom. The weather here as also changed. The leaves on all the trees look so good here on campus and it is finally starting to feel like fall. Crisp mornings, fresh air and beautiful sights all in one campus. In other news, the football team takes on Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa on Saturday. I am very excited as us and Wartburg traditionally are heated rivals. We have had a very strong and physical week of practice which I think will translate into the game on Saturday and we can get into the win column. Until next time my colleagues, Stay Norse!!!

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