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October 8th, 2012

I can’t not write about this week for all its awesomeness! Although Homecoming weekend is mostly for the alumni, we students still have great activities on campus for entertainment throughout the week.

    Monday started out with Open Mic Night, a chance for all of  Luther’s talent to be showcased on the stage down in Marty’s. I don’t know if its because Luther is a musically inclined school anyway, or if we are just that awesome, but the whole night proved to have talented acts. With “celebrity judges” (aka favorite professors), prizes are awarded to the top three acts. This year, the student-run dance team Eklipse took first place.

    The next event is Promo Night in the Caf, where you get free things! The Student Activities Council (SAC) Homecoming Committee, of which I was a member this year, tries to keep the gift a secret as much as possible, and this year was no disappointment. More than 1,500 Luther picnic blankets were handed out in the Caf that night!

    On Friday night it is another entertaining night in Marty’s with the Jazz Band and Jazz Orchestra. This event is special because both students and alumni come to hear the great jazz charts, with some of the oldest alumni showing their swing dance moves on the floor.

    Saturday was definitely the highlight of the week, though. The traditional parade through downtown Decorah is an event that brings out alumni, students and the community. Although it was a brisk, early morning, all the groups in the parade showed up on time and ready to go. My job turned out to be especially awesome as I got to drive the Grand Marshall Jerry Johnson... IN A 2012 CAMARO! Yes, I have picture proof. One of the local car dealerships donated the most beautiful car I have ever seen for the morning. They were surprisingly trusting of college kids with a convertible, but that’s Decorah for you! Everybody loves Luther and Luther loves us right back. Happy Homecoming!

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